Initial Evaluation

The initial visit is for the parents/guardians only, if the child is 12 years old or younger. This is helpful for the provider who will be seeing your child to gather information as part of the evaluation. This visit usually is 45-60 minutes in duration. A parent or guardian must be present at all appointments if patient is under the age of 18. You will be required to sign a release for any other adult who will be accompanying the patient to a visit.

We attempt to schedule the initial consultation with a provider who will be appropriate to provide any ongoing treatment that is indicated based on the concerns presented during the screening phone conversation. However, in some cases, the provider completing the initial consultation may recommend you to a different provider who is better qualified to provide the indicated treatment.

We will do our best to complete your child’s evaluation as efficiently as possible. However, you should be aware that more than one appointment is often required to complete the initial evaluation and have adequate time to discuss impressions and treatment recommendations with you.

What to Bring

Please bring patients insurance ID card, copies of any prior psychiatric evaluations, neuropsychological testing, or school based testing.